Our First Blog Post

If you are reading this, Welcome!

Who are we?
My name is Adam, I am a designer here at House Kitchens. We are a family owned and run business. I work alongside my cousin Conor and uncle Des who are also part of the design and sales team here at House. For over 25 years our family has been part of the Kitchen industry in Ireland. Designing, handcrafting and installing furniture for some of the country's finest homes. My father Noel started his company Noel Dempsey Design in 1991. Word of mouth and recommendations helped him to build his client base through that first year and every year subsequent.

What do we do that makes us different?
Our Irish company specializes in creating beautiful modern and traditional kitchens (I know that's nothing unique, right?). What sets us apart from other Kitchen companies is our emphasis on quality and affordability. The reason we opened House was to try and bridge the gap between the bespoke kitchen market (and its quality standards) with the budget kitchen market. The main issue we felt existed in the latter (budget kitchens) was the lack of value-for-money. While it may be argued that "you get what you pay for", 6-10 thousand euro is still a lot of money. To only be getting 5 or 6 years out of that price point is poor value. Especially in comparison to the 20-30k bespoke kitchen market which often lasts a lifetime (when treated with care and maintained well). That's not to say it will stay in style forever or your colour preference will not change, which with a hand painted kitchen is not an issue as you can re-paint it. So in summary, one is not affordable to everyone and the other compromises on longevity.

We have now got the solution. Beautiful, Affordable and Quality Kitchens. Using durable, sustainable and low maintenance materials, combined with industry leading components. This has enabled us to offer an exclusive lifetime guarantee in confidence.

What is our USP's over similar products?
I'm so glad you asked. Unlike our competitors, our Modern range is not made in Germany. In fact, they are made completely start to finish in Ireland. Which is very important to us, as we focus on supporting local employment and Irish jobs.

It is also worth mentioning that our lead times are considerably shorter than those of our German made counterparts, our manufacturing lead time is 4 weeks from order; in comparison to 6-8 weeks. 

If you decide to choose us for your new kitchen, you are sure to get all of that mentioned above, as-well as personalized service with a smile.

I hope this gives you some insight into who we are and what we stand for.

From all of the team here at House, we wish you a great day.

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David Dempsey