The Top 4 Kitchen Design Trends of 2018.

The kitchen today has become a focal point for any home and it can instantly be considered one of the biggest selling points of the home as well. Kitchen design trends have come a long way in recent years and in 2018 more people than ever are focusing their renovation projects in the kitchen. Here are some of the top kitchen design trends of 2018:


Light Coloured Cabinets

Brightly coloured kitchens and trendy white cabinets are in. Darker kitchens with the use of darker countertops and cupboards are somewhat out of fashion and are currently reserved for the bold. The newest style of white cabinets and brightly coloured countertops are becoming one of the best in kitchen designs for the upcoming year.

snow white and harvard j groove modern kitchen.jpg

Minimalist Style

While farmhouse and in-frame styles still remain very popular, with modern kitchens today a number of people are embracing the minimalist style. Removing some of the upper wall cabinets and remodeling for simplicity has become a very big trend throughout the industry today. Changing up the textures and choosing to use flooring tiles as backsplash tiles can lead to a selection of very beautiful focal points throughout the kitchen. You could even consider using a ceiling treatment to add in new textures for your streamlined and minimalist design.

mistero quartz.jpg

Upgrading to Quartz

Quartz countertops remain one of the most popular upgrades for kitchens this year. The use of quartz remains one of the best materials for countertops because it's extremely forgiving and it can last almost forever inside a home. It's antimicrobial and it's very simple to maintain unlike other types of countertops like granite.

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Improving Storage

Unique cabinetry and storage remains one of the best solutions for digital design trends for 2018. One of the biggest problems with kitchen cabinetry that has just basic shelves is that it doesn't lead to organization and there's plenty of wasted space inside each unit. Installing pull out drawers, storage racks and planning what you will store in each unit and drawer accordingly is one of the best ways that you can efficiently use of your space.


Consider some of these top ideas when you are searching for the top kitchen designs of 2018.