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Our Family Heritage


Our family has a long history with innovative design and the manufacturing industry in Ireland. Our father was a master-tailor in the early 1970's and made the finest clothing lines for some of the world's best known brands and even though now he is in his early 80's he still makes one-off bespoke suits. His ability to turn a quality raw material into something so luxurious made him one of the leading tailors in Ireland and UK. His passion for exquisite craftsmanship was passed to the next generation and is where our love affair with custom made furniture was born. 


In 1991 Noel Dempsey began designing and manufacturing beautiful handcrafted kitchens and furniture for his clients in Ireland and abroad. His attention to detail and commitment to only producing the highest quality kitchens helped grow the company to become Ireland's leading luxury kitchen manufacturer.


The launch of our new collection has been in the making for over four years and in November 2017 we opened our beautiful new showroom to the public. Our range of modern and classical kitchens will be designed and manufactured to the same extremely high standards to ensure that when they are installed in your home they are built to last. The new collection and showroom is managed by Noel's son Adam who has had numerous years of experience in the kitchen industry.

Call us today and let us create the stunning new kitchen you deserve.

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With over 28 years of experience in the luxury kitchen industry our company has extensive knowledge of where to source any of the quality components, which we can't produce ourselves. All of the components used in our kitchens such as hinges and drawer systems are made in Austria by one of the world's leading component manufacturers and are fully covered by our 25 Year Guarantee. In addition this Austrian supplier is fully certified in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 and is committed to environmental management throughout production.


Our double-wall drawer sides guarantee optimum lateral stability, synchronised movement, silent running and soft-closing with virtually limitless design possibilities. When combined with one of our functional cutlery dividers you can personalise each drawer to suit how you want it to function while maximising storage space. In addition our extra deep drawer systems help store taller items such as bottles and cereal boxes.





To compliment both our modern and classical kitchen collections we have developed a range of handles, accessories and drawer inserts to help you organise every cupboard. You can choose from a selection of handles, pull-out pantry drawers, baskets and drawer inserts to create a fully customised design which best suits you and how you want to use your kitchen. Our drawer dividers are great for separating your cutlery and cooking utensils as well as sorting your plates, dishes, pots and pans. Every drawer and internal cupboard can be customised and divided into segments to make it even easier to find the items you need, when you need them.

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