The Hottest Trend of 2019...


Dare to bring the outdoors in?

At times, we can all be exposed to life’s faux culture. However human instinct seems to forge a gravitational like pull towards a “oneness” with earth and it’s phenomenon.

The power of nature’s beauty and versatility has been a rich source of inspiration for fashion trends for centuries. In recent times there has been an increasing presence of natural elements in home design. Cliched, lush interior comforts are becoming too tame for those who dare to push the boundaries and bring the outdoors in.

In light of it, here are some of this year’s hot tips & trends for achieving a natural ambience in your home!


1. Stone Style Materials

There is a certain charm in recreating a modern design with primary materials. Incorporating a stone or a slate style finish into your home design will help you achieve a beautiful raw look.


2. Living Walls

We find the more Greenery we have surrounding ourselves the more at peace we seem to feel. why not give soul to what was once a “lifeless” wall in your home? we promise you wont tire looking at it.

No matter what colour palette you may choose for your new design, natural greenery always finds a way to immerse itself into it’s backdrop.

3. Lush Leaves

Adding some exotic elements to your furniture can create some seriously cool vibes! It will give the whole area an uplift and with the right showpiece it will add a touch of class to your room design.

These bold but unassumingly discreet dining & accent chairs are covered with a forest green velvet and palm leaf fabric for a slick approach to modern chairs, complimented with a slim brass leg.

Click the photo for more info!


4. Plant Growers

There is nothing more rewarding then growing your own essential cooking herbs right?

These wooden plant boxes form the perfect planter for your indoor garden, that fit stylishly into a modern kitchen design.

You don’t even need to worry about placing them close to a window as this special shelving system is equipped with an LED plant grow light. This ensures optimum lighting, even in the darkest corners!


5.Beautiful Bonsai’s

The Japanese art form of Bonsai is creating a miniature, but realistic representation of nature in the form of a tree. They serve as the perfect indoor plant on anywhere from your office desk to a shelf in your bathroom.

It will certainly give you those peaceful Zen vibes.

Modern Kitchen 4.jpg

6. Wood Finishes

Wood is one of the most versatile natural materials that can be used in any home. It introduces both warmth and character into any room whether it be a chic wood floor or a decorative wall cladding.

Thinking of taking it a step further into a new kitchen design?

Advances in design technology mean faux timber finishes are more realistic than ever, they include real-to-the-touch textures as well as patterns that perfectly mimic real wood.

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
— Martin Luther

Adam Dempsey